How Not to Propose

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Worry Free Weddings


It’s the big day. Your time to shine. A moment you’ll remember for your entire life. And there’s only one thing on your mind: Will she say yes?

Popping the question is a nerve-wracking idea for many people. But don’t worry. If you’ve picked the right girl, you two probably already know that you want to seal the deal. It’s just a matter of when and how, right?

Only you know the best time and location for your proposal to the woman of your dreams. But we can tell a little about places and times that may be a bust. Read on for a guide on the top five perfect moments that might not be so perfect after all.

1) On a Rollercoaster

It seems romantic, right? You’re journeying slowly up the tracks, not yet free-falling, but awaiting the apex with some mixture of glee and trepidation. And just as you reach the crest, you’ll end the anticipation, and ask her to join you in the adventure of a lifetime: marriage.

Don’t do it, guys. You’re forgetting one little problem: rings are very small, and rollercoasters are very fast. It’s way too easy for that sucker to slip right out of your fingers and fall between the tracks, lost forever more to your penchant for metaphor. Saying she’ll be ‘displeased’ is understating the point.

2) Deep Sea Fishing

You both love the outdoors. You revel in new experiences. And you want to get your girl far away from the hustle and bustle to share this moment privately. So you think, Hey — why not go fishing? You’ll relax in the sun, surrounded by a vast ocean that reflects your endless love. She’ll get all fired up trying to reel in her catch, and in amid the all-around gayety, you’ll drop to one knee and reel her on in right along with the fish. Well — you hope.

Nope, nope, nope. You’ll be left high and dry if you — or your girl — turn out to be one of those people whose stomachs rebel against the waves. You don’t want your proposal to be interrupted by one of you making an urgent break for the side of the ship.

3) On Twitter

@loveofmylife, Will you marry me? Doesn’t look too romantic, does it? Your desire to shout your adoration to the rooftops may be admirable, but the world’s most public forum is not the place to do it. If you want to Tweet your love to the whole Twitterverse, stick to Emojis.

Asking to spend the rest of your life with someone is a deeply personal, intimate decision, and your choice of locale should reflect that. Don’t put it out there for your high school bandmate’s brother to LOL at. Really — even an actual rooftop would be a better idea.

4) With Food

You’ve set the stage. The candlelight is muted, lending a romantic glow to the dinner table you’ve set with your grandmother’s silver and two crystal champagne flutes. You even remembered the chocolate and the rose petals. And as you sit down to wine and dine your future wife, you’ll present her with her glass of champagne — in which, of course, is that same grandmother’s heirloom diamond.

You see where this is headed, don’t you?

The problem with handing someone food is that they’re very likely to eat it. Quickly. And if that golden ring doesn’t quite glitter enough, it may head in entirely the wrong direction. Gastrointestinal crisis is not an ideal way to start a life together.

5) Without Jewelry Insurance

So let’s say you didn’t get the memo about that rollercoaster idea. You hit the peak, lose the ring, look down in horror…and then remember that even if it’s gone for good, you haven’t lost your everything, because you have excellent jewelry insurance from Lavalier.


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