How I Lost My Wedding Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry Worry Free Weddings

Lost wedding ring

It sounds like it could never happen to you, right? People don’t intend to lose their wedding rings (unless you hate it and want a new one, and there are probably less passive-aggressive ways to achieve this!). You may not be able to imagine losing your wedding ring, but you’d be surprised at the variety of ways in which rings escape from their owners. Here, we paraphrase a few of these cautionary tales (note: some identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the unfortunate uninsured):

Tupperware Tragedy
“We were getting ready to move, and as I was cleaning the fridge, my diamond fell out of my ring! Luckily, I spotted it and put it in a Tupperware container. The Tupperware was too big for my jewelry box, so I just set it aside, and my husband came along and tossed it out!”

ATV Misadventure
“When we went four-wheeling, I took my rings off and set them on the back of the four-wheeler so I could put some sunscreen on. A whole glob of sunscreen came out of the tube, and I went to find my husband so he could get some off my hands. Needless to say, I forgot that I had left my wedding rings on the back of the four-wheeler, and zoomed off. When we got back, we searched for 8 hours with a metal detector, but we’d gone all over the place. We never found it. Lesson to all newly engaged couples: get insurance!!!”

The Secret Keeper
“On a family vacation, I noticed that my husband’s wedding ring was missing. When I asked him where it was, he said he lost it…four months ago! He thinks it fell off somewhere in his mom’s yard, but I can’t believe he didn’t tell me so we could have looked for it. He says he and his brothers looked, but I would have gotten out metal detectors and search parties and everything! Now, there’s no hope. If it was in the yard, it’s been eaten up by the mower.”

Dishwater Dilemma
“My grandma lived on a farm without any indoor plumbing. One day, she took a tub full of dirty dishwater to throw out into the snow, but when she flung the bucket, her ring flew off, too! They never found it, but she and my grandpa were happily married for almost fifty years after.”

Retaliation with a Ring
“I was camping with my husband and we got in a fight over something stupid. I don’t even remember what it was now, but I was so mad at the time that I took off my wedding ring and threw it into a field. Once we calmed down, we tried to find it but there was just no way. Now, no matter how mad I get, that ring stays on my finger!”

Too Hot to Handle
“I have hyperhidrosis, which basically just means I sweat way more than the average person. I was walking through the mall one day when I went to the bathroom to wipe off my super-sweaty hands. When I got there, I noticed my ring was gone! I was too embarrassed to tell my husband I sweated my ring off, so I told him it must have come off while I was gardening. Awkward!”

Lost in the Commotion
“My husband saw a street sign facing the wrong direction, and he jumped up to slap the sign so it would turn around. His wedding ring got caught on a bolt on the sign, and as he went back down it tore his finger up. He had to go to the hospital to get his finger fixed, and his wedding ring got lost in all the commotion.”

Red Solo Cup Catastrophe
“I was going out with friends on a party boat, and I didn’t want to risk losing it in the lake, so I took it off and put it in one of those red plastic Solo cups. Literally seconds later, the wind blew the cup out of the cup holder, dumping my ring into the lake. And I was trying to keep it safe!”

Losing a wedding ring is a stressful and emotional experience. As you’ve read (and as you can imagine), it can cause fights, embarrassment, and tears. You don’t want to spend hours combing through the woods, checking eBay for wedding ring listings, or browsing Craigslist to see if someone found your lost ring. When you have wedding ring insurance through Lavalier, a major crisis becomes a minor inconvenience. If your ring is lost, stolen, or damaged, it will be repaired or replaced using the same high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship with which your original was made. Call or email us today; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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