How I Left My Ring at the Airport

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry Worry Free Weddings

Lost Ring at Airport

Every day, people are flying across America. Some of those people lose their jewelry. Here’s just one example of how it could happen.

I was dreading it. It was my first time flying since my son Liam was born four months earlier, and I’d never traveled with an infant. I was going to set myself up for success: pack our bags the night before, buy some special baby vitamins so he wouldn’t get sick from all the plane germs, arrive at the airport two hours early…

But the best laid plans often go awry, and I had to spend the night before our flight frantically searching the mall for a last-minute birthday gift instead of packing bags and buying baby vitamins. On the day of our flight, I had managed to pack the car, but halfway to the airport I realized I had forgotten the stroller, so we had to go back. Then we needed gas. We pulled into long-term parking, opened the trunk, assembled the stroller, grabbed our bags, popped the baby in…and watched the airport shuttle pull away as we jogged toward it. I threw up my hands in frustration, and my ring, which needed resizing since I had lost the baby weight, slid off my finger.

But that’s not how I left my ring at the airport. I spotted it and slid it back on.

T minus one hour until takeoff, and we were finally aboard the airport shuttle. Liam was showing no signs of sleeping; instead, he was moaning to himself. These weren’t cute baby coos, either. They were loud, angry yowls that I could tell would turn into cries at any minute. I smiled apologetically at the other shuttle riders and made an idiot of myself as I goo-gooed and ga-gaed to distract Liam.

At the counter, my bag was just over the weight limit. The clerk wasn’t going to cut me any slack, so I rifled through my things, arbitrarily pulling out clothes and stuffing them into my carry-on, which was bursting at the seams. I had carefully packed a few of my jewelry pieces (including one of my favorite rings), but the pouch containing them was flung aside as I ransacked my luggage.

But that’s not how I left my ring at the airport. As I was rushing towards security, a little boy ran after me, calling, “Ma’am? You dropped this!” I popped the pouch in my purse and hustled to get in line.

Liam had calmed down a bit by now (thank goodness!), but I had no idea what a hassle it was to go through security with a baby! I took off my shoes, put my ring and bracelets in the bin, took out my laptop, took off my coat, unbuckled Liam, folded up the stroller, and walked through the metal detector holding the baby. I didn’t set it off, but they wanted to go through the diaper bag anyway because of the milk. After they determined that it was, in fact, milk, and I had re-dressed and gotten the baby back into the carrier, I noticed that my engagement ring was no longer in the bin!

But that’s not how I left my ring at the airport. After a moment of panic, a TSA employee found the ring underneath the X-ray machine. I put it back on my finger and dashed (as quickly as one can with a baby) to the gate, spurred on by the voice over the intercom paging me by name. I gate-checked my luggage, stroller, and car seat, and sat down next to a grumpy old man who was clearly unhappy to be sitting next to an infant. As the plane took off, I calmed Liam and, miraculously, we both managed to fall asleep. When I woke up, I saw that my ring had slipped off my finger again.

But that’s not how I lost my ring. It was sitting in my lap, where it had fallen. I made a mental note to get it resized ASAP.

Once we landed, I assembled the stroller again (who makes these things?!) and headed to the restroom to change the baby. I washed my hands, put Liam back into the stroller, and hoofed it to baggage claim where, by that time, my luggage was the lone item left circling around the conveyer belt. I grabbed it and pulled my gloves out of my purse, collected my belongings, and got into the first taxi I saw. Heaving a sigh of relief, I took off my gloves and got out my phone to let my relatives know I was on my way. When I looked down, my finger was bare. NO RING.

And that’s how I left my ring at the airport.

Insurance companies have a name for this. It’s called ‘mysterious disappearance.’ Sometimes, things just get lost, and you have no idea how it happened. There are a million different places where I might have lost my ring along the way, but the end result is the same: my ring is gone. Luckily, my jewelry insurance through Lavalier covers mysterious disappearance, so at least that’s one less thing for me to worry about. Now to plan out my strategy for the return flight…

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