Holiday Engagement Series Part 2: Picking the Perfect Ring

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The holidays can be the perfect time to start a new chapter with the love of your life. But finding the “one” can sometimes feel easier than finding the right engagement ring. This purchase can be overwhelming and comes with a lot of pressure as it represents your love and commitment – an outward sign of your inward love.

Set Your Budget

You don’t have to follow the old rule of spending two-month’s salary. This standard was created by an ad campaign during the 1940s as GIs were coming home from WWII and antsy to marry the sweetheart they had left behind. A better spending plan is to look at your girlfriend’s expectations and compare them to your budget. Find a ring that fits both of those categories, and then choose the best one you can afford.

Research Her Style

Do your homework well before you walk into a jewelry store.

  • Look for what metal color she wears most.
  • Determine if she prefers simple and understated jewelry, or big and glitzy pieces.
  • Be sneaky. Go shopping and say you want to check out some watches. Chances are good that she will head to the rings while you (fake) browse, and you can take note of what styles she loves.
  • Grab her phone and check out her Pinterest app. Surely, she will have a ring board saved with her inspiration for the perfect piece.
  • Find out her ring size before you make your final decision.

Plenty of couples choose to shop together and make ring selection a joint effort. Either way, do whatever fits your relationship.

A Ring for Every Personality

Once you know the basics of your future bride’s ring style, consider her lifestyle and personality to get just the right choice. In addition to your budget, her style and daily activities are the main considerations in your quest for the perfect setting.

  • Traditional and Elegant: If this describes your girlfriend, go for a timeless solitaire with no other distractions in the setting.
  • Stylish and Outgoing: This woman might like a setting that holds her diamond high, or has sparkling diamonds set in the band of her ring.
  • Active or Nature Lover: If she leads an active life, consider a diamond that sits lower on her hand. This will provide some added protection.
  • Romantic: You might want to choose a setting with antique looking scrollwork, patterns or dainty bands. Your bride-to-be might even love an authentic antique ring.
  • Modern and Contemporary: If this describes the woman in your life, look at rings with non-traditional lines and structure. Or she might prefer a solitaire inside a bezel (a thin band that hugs all the way around the diamond).

Learn the 4 Cs

Be sure to do a little research before making your purchase so you know exactly what the jeweler means when he or she mentions basic gemstone terms:

Cut – This is not the shape, but rather how well the diamond interacts with light. This is what provides the sparkle your girlfriend will love.

Color – Many people are surprised to learn that diamonds have color, which ranges from colorless to light yellow.

Clarity – The fewer imperfections (also known as inclusions) a diamond has, the better.

Carat – This is the weight of the diamond. The heavier (and bigger) the stone, the more expensive it is.

Know the Trends

If your girlfriend likes to keep up with the latest trends, especially those seen on social media, consider adding in one of these elements to give her an engagement ring she will truly love:

  • Rose gold metal
  • Colored gemstone
  • Pink diamond (or substitute the less expensive morganite)
  • Nature accents such as flowers or vines in the metal
  • Vintage flair for a glamorous and romantic look
  • Three-stone rings that represent a couples’ past, present and future
  • Pear or marquise cut, which are both making a comeback

A Sparkling Future

No matter what you choose – from a timeless solitaire to a trendy colored stone – stay true to your relationship and you cannot go wrong. After the big moment is over and the perfect ring is sparkling on her finger, consider protecting her new piece with personalized jewelry insurance from Give your future the peace of mind you both deserve.


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