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Summer Trends in 2020: Hexagon-Shaped Jewelry

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Wearing geometric-patterned jewelry isn’t a completely new trend, but hexagon-shaped pieces and gems are popping up everything in 2020. Worn by celebrities at first, the six-sided silhouette is being embraced by everyone and incorporated into many fine jewelry styles. Hexagons are not only for gem cuts, but are found in actual jewelry shapes on necklaces, rings and even earrings.

Shaping Up to be a Fun Trend

A hexagonal piece of jewelry can give you a unique design and updated look on everyday pieces. It keeps your look simple but not boring. Try out one of these ways to add this edge to your style:

  • Necklace pendants cut in the shape of a hexagon
  • Hexagon amulet cut pendant necklace
  • Hexagon-shaped gemstone bevel ring
  • Round stone ring with a hexagon halo of gemstones
  • Earrings with a hexagonal-shaped dangle

A Trend that Rings True

The geometric trend has been crossing over to engagement rings. A hexagonal-shaped diamond can be a contemporary response to traditional gemstone cuts. This can make for a unique cut but won’t leave you feeling outdated years after walking down the aisle.

If you don’t want to opt for a hexagon-shaped solitaire you can add a modern twist on the classic solitaire by adding a hexagon halo around your round cut diamond. Get creative and incorporate your own personal style by adding a touch of today to a traditional look.

A hexagonal cut can look timeless and sophisticated without being too adventurous in your jewelry style. Any geometric jewelry helps you make a statement while keeping your look simple and chic. If you’re taking the plunge and adding some geometric jewelry to your wardrobe, don’t wait to insure your new piece and have the peace of mind you deserve. Contact Lavalier for your personalized jewelry insurance quote.


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