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Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Baseball players have lucky socks, lucky hats, and even lucky boxers (which we hope they wash between games!). But what about lucky jewelry? Of course your engagement and wedding rings make you feel pretty lucky, but is there any jewelry you wear only on special occasions – when you just need that extra little bit of luck? Here are ten of our favorite lucky jewelry items!


Diamond & Ruby Medium Dreamcatcher Art Pendant, Theo Fennell, £6,100 (Buy it!)

This gorgeous dreamcatcher is inspired by the ancient Native American symbol, which is said to capture bad dreams so you’ll slumber peacefully. This 18k yellow gold pendant is expertly crafted with diamonds and rubies. Sweet dreams!

evil eye

Dawn Ring, Ileana Makri, €6,475 (Buy it!)

Ward off the evil eye with this 18k yellow gold ring. Bejeweled with champagne and white diamonds, blue sapphires, and shimmering green tsavorites, any girl who owns this ring must be lucky!


Rabbit, Finn Jewelry, $3,800 (Buy it!)

No one knows for sure how a rabbit’s foot became associated with luck, but it’s safe to say that most of us would rather not have rabbit body parts dangling from our earlobes or wrists. Stay lucky with this modern take on the rabbit’s foot – a gorgeous gold rabbit pendant. He even has an adorable pavé tail!


Amazonite Wishbone Biography Bracelet, Astley Clarke, $325 (Buy it!)

This charming take on a friendship bracelet is doubly lucky: it features a diamond pavé wishbone charm attached to a chain of amazonite gems, which are said to bring luck and hope to the wearer. The 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver vermeil chain adds some extra bling.


Sapphir and Ruby Clover Earring, Aurélie Bidermann, $4,849 for one or $9,449 for pair (Buy it!)

We love that this luck o’ the Irish inspired earring comes in sweet shades of soft pink and rose red. It’s a more delicate, feminine take on the shamrock. And if you feel like trying the single earring trend, you can purchase just one!


Special Edition Little Luck Ladybug in 14kt Rose Gold with Diamonds, Alex Woo, $838 (Buy it!)

Many cultures believe that a ladybug is lucky, and superstitions abound over what the number of spots on the ladybug might mean for your future. One myth says that if a ladybug lands on you, you should count the number of spots to see how many children you’ll have! You may not have six children when you wear this charm, but it’s sure to bring some luck your way.


Diamond Small Horseshoe Stud Earrings, Cathy Waterman, $2,160 (Buy it!)

Horseshoes are known as a symbol of luck in America, but did you know that the horseshoe should always point up? That’s so it can ‘catch’ the good luck. You’ll certainly feel like one lucky woman in these dazzling platinum studs with white pavé diamonds. Consider asking your jeweler to install screwbacks to ensure they stay secure!


Medusa Coin Necklace, Versace, $1,595 (Buy it!)

“Find a penny, pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck!” You won’t need to search the ground for pennies with this gorgeous gold necklace from Versace. Hold your head up high and show off the chain of lucky coins around your neck. It’s from the same line as the necklace Nicki Minaj sported on Ellen and The Tonight Show.


Small Multi Rainbow Pendant – Yellow Gold, Andrea Forhman, $1,650 (Buy it!)

This dainty necklace goes with almost every outfit, making it the perfect lucky charm – whether you’ve got a big day at the office, a first date, or are just buying a lotto ticket. Bedecked with rows of pink sapphires, emeralds, blue sapphires, and a center opal, it’s the perfect gift to buy yourself after you’ve made it through a stormy season in your life. It comes in other colors, too!

Lucky Gold Pendant

Gold & Diamond Good Luck Charm Necklace, Jennifer Meyer, $3,950 (Buy it!)

Can’t decide which lucky charm you want to go with? You can have all of them with this good luck charm pendant from Jennifer Meyer. Featuring a heart, an “ohm” symbol, a horseshoe, an elephant, an evil eye, a clover, and the number 13, you’ll always be in luck.

We all hope to get lucky once in a while, but when it comes to your jewelry, you shouldn’t take chances. Jewelry insurance from Lavalier ensures that if your jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged, it will be replaced or repaired. It’s great to have luck on your side, but when it runs out, it’s even better to have insurance from Lavalier.

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