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If you ever practiced writing your first name and his last name in the margins of your notebooks in high school, you’ve already got a little bit of experience with wedding logo design. No, really! Jack + Jill, J&J, Jill Hill, Mrs. Jack Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hill… Now you’re all grown up and you’ve found The One, no more scribbling! Except… One of the first things you’ll want to start thinking about when planning your big day is your wedding logo (sometimes referred to as a wedding monogram). It’s the first impression made on your guests of the tone you’re setting for the big day. Is the feel you’re going for with your wedding planning whimsical? Classic? Modern? Your logo should encapsulate that feeling, without competing with the other elements that pull everything together.

Wedding Logo Inspiration

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Where do I get a logo?

Your best bet for getting an amazing wedding logo would be to hire a graphic designer. Reviewing portfolios will give you an idea for the type of designs they are capable of and will help you choose the right person for the job. If you’re on a tight budget, you may think the cost of hiring a graphic designer is beyond you, but you’ve still got options! 99designs is a marketplace that will allow you to outline what you’re looking for and interested designers will “compete” for the prize – which is their pay. This will cost you about $300, but the benefit is getting to choose from multiple submissions that are tailored to what you’ve said you’re looking for. Another option would be to search on Etsy. You can find wedding logos ranging in price from $15 for something pre-made, all the way up in price for something custom.

If you, your fiance, or a loved one has an eye for design and even rudimentary Photoshop or Illustrator skills, you can even go the DIY route. Search for fonts you like and with a little bit of tweaking and creativity, you can come up with something that perfectly matches your theme… and has a bit more meaning than something designed by a “pro”. Where it comes to most logos, less is more. Don’t feel the need to go overboard. Simple is beautiful.

How can I use the logo?

The most common uses for wedding logos are on your “save the date” announcement and invitations, but these days you’ll also probably want to use it to splash up your wedding website. (For those less technically inclined, you should check out, for a simple wedding website that requires practically zero design skills.) A good logo is enough to personalize even the simplest website or blog where you will post important information for your guests.

Wedding Website with Logo

A fun idea for incorporating your wedding logo would be to project it! That’s right, shine that love-light onto a feature wall, photo taking area, or even the dance floor.

Wedding Logo Projectedimage credit

You can also have your logo put onto your wedding cake or other desserts. Check out these scrumptious macarons, personalized. Makes them a little sweeter, don’t you think?

Custom Wedding Desserts With Logoimage credit

Uses for your wedding logo stretch as far as your imagination! Put your logo on place cards, dining menus, and party favors. Get temporary tattoos made. Have it emblazoned onto your guest book. You get the idea… One couple used wine cork to turn their logo into a work of art for their vineyard wedding. What are some creative ways you are planning to use your logo?

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