Five activities that beg you to remove your jewelry

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

You buy beautiful jewelry to wear … not store in a jewelry box. BUT, there are times when storing your jewelry in a safe place is a must. Lavalier Personal Jewelry Insurance by Berkley Asset Protection offers five of those situations.

Cooking the holiday dinner: No one wants to spend their holiday picking stuffing out of their wedding ring! Rings can collect all sorts of bacteria in their intricate settings, which is of special concern when you’re handling raw meat. You won’t want that bacteria lingering on your hands when you’re serving food, eating, or shaking hands with guests!

Working off the winter weight: The gym may not be a safe place for your precious jewelry. Your rings can get pinched between your fingers and the handles of kettlebells or free weights. The gym is full of heavy objects that could crush a setting or chip a stone. And, when your heart gets pumping during a workout, your fingers swell because of the extra blood headed to your hungry muscles. When you’re headed to the gym, consider leaving your jewelry at home.

Relaxing in a hot tub or pool: The chemicals that keep the water safe in a hot tub or swimming pool can eat away at metals, especially gold, and weaken the setting. Better to remove before you slip into the water.

House cleaning: The chemicals and oils found in virtually every household cleaner can damage your jewelry. Even organic cleaners contain vinegar, whose acidity can damage precious metals. Other cleaners contain oils that will stick to the faces of your precious stones. The chlorine found in bleach and abrasive scrubbers in bathroom cleaners are especially bad for your jewelry. Remove your jewelry before vigorous cleaning chores.

Seasonal crafting: Whether you’re painting pinecones or gluing a new wreath, take your jewelry off before you begin. Paint can be a pain to get off of jewelry. In some cases, you’ll have to professionally clean your jewelry because the paint won’t come off with just soap and water. Hot glue guns, power tools, paints, and adhesives are all hazards to your jewelry.

Removing your jewelry for these activities will ensure that it’s shining brightly for your family gatherings, holiday pictures, and all the other festivities of the season.

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