Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Making sure this ring will do her justice

We want you to picture something: you get up in the morning, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and put on your favorite tie…every day. For the rest of your life. The very same tie.

We bet it’s difficult for you to imagine decking yourself out in the same accoutrement that consistently. Always. Won’t you get bored? Won’t it clash with your summertime seersucker suit? (Yes, you’re that guy. And good for you.) You’d better like that tie a whole lot, right?

Well, it’s likely that your future wife is planning on doing exactly that with her engagement ring. And you definitely want her to like it a lot. No pressure.

How to Jump-Start your Ring-Finding Mojo

We’ve got one great tip on finding the perfect ring: Ask her.

This step may seem simple, but it’s amazing how often people skip it. If you want to know what your future wife wants — just ask. Chances are she knows exactly the kind of ring she wants to look down and see on her finger every day, and she’ll be glad to tell you all about it. That’s it: list over.

However, if you want to surprise her, you need to jump through a few more hoops to find the perfect ring. Read on for some step-by-step shopping instructions.

1) Get to know jewelry.

To find the perfect ring, you have to know what you’re looking for. There are five major ring characteristics. This list may seem daunting, but you really will be better equipped to find what you need if you research types of:


What are your metal choices? How much do they cost? Why would someone choose platinum over white gold over silver, if they’re all kind of the same color, anyway? Find out.



Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, oh my! Diamonds aren’t your only precious stone choice. Does she have an artistic flair? Then maybe she wants something a little more rare.


Stone cuts

Stones come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll need to be able to visualize those shapes if your girl starts describing them to you.


A setting is the mechanism by which a stone is secured to a ring. Different settings create different ring silhouettes. You’ve got lots of setting options.



In many ways, popular jewelry is a cultural reflection; as in literature, visual arts and architecture, jewelry exemplifies the period in which it is created. Many styles from days gone by are still popular today. They include:

  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • Art Nouveau
  • Edwardian
  • Art Deco
  • Retro

2) Do some digging.

Now that you know jewelry lingo, you need to find out what kind she likes. Notice what she tends to wear. Is it silver or gold? Ostentatious or understated? Chances are she’ll want a ring that matches her personal style, so you can learn a lot by looking. Also, ask her subtle questions. Saying “I like that necklace — where did you get it?” is a great way to get an under-the-radar conversation started, because she’ll probably give you more details than you asked for with a little gentle prompting.

3) Ask her friends.

If the information well seems dry at the source, look downstream. Switch tactics: talk to her friends, her sisters if she has any, and her mom. You’ll likely hit a gold mine of information — perhaps even more than you asked for. Girls tend to talk about what they want for their weddings long before the actual day. She may even have primed the pump for you and told the ladies in her life how to answer if you ever came to them for advice!

4) Consider your lifestyle.

If your girl’s going to wear this thing often, she’ll need a ring that won’t be damaged by her daily activities. Does she garden a lot? Then maybe a complicated setting that’s hard to clean isn’t for you. Does she work in a lab? Wearing nitrile gloves all day isn’t that comfortable if you’re also wearing a rock that’s set high. You want her to be able to wear your ring as often as possible.

5) Find the right diamond brand.

You’ve reached the step in the process where you actually buy the ring, and you don’t know where to start. You’ve got ideas about the stone, the cut, and the style — but how do you find a diamond?

There are really two steps here. First, you want to choose a stone, which means choosing the company that sources it. That’s your stone’s brand. You want a company that’s skilled at making customer needs a reality by sorting through the (literally) millions of options out there for perfect, beautiful needles in proverbial haystacks. (Forevermark, for instance, is a brand from the De Beers Group of Companies. De Beers has spent more than 125 years in the jewelry business. Nothing says “expert” like a century of experience!)

Next, find a great jeweler. You can combine these steps, of course; expert jewelers can give you opinions on diamond brands that are renowned for quality and educate you on the characteristics of great jewels. We love Brilliant Earth, a jewelry company specializing in engagement rings that’s committed to ethically-sourced jewels that offers thousands of ring styles, from traditional to vintage and everything in between.

6) Insure your treasure.

After you’ve secured her heart, secure the ring! Remember to insure it. It takes less than a minute to get jewelry insurance quote from Lavalier. We offer worldwide coverage from loss, theft or damage. With experienced companies like Forevermark, Brilliant Earth and Lavalier, you’ll know that once that ring is on her hand, it’s in good hands.

Good luck! Remember that your beautiful bride deserves a beautiful ring, keep her wishes and style foremost in your mind as you shop, and you won’t go wrong.

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