I have a jewelry warranty, why do I need insurance?

Most jewelry warranties are extremely limited in coverage. Typically only repairs of wear and tear are included. Damage that includes loss of any piece of the jewelry (say, a diamond from its setting) is usually not covered. Nor are theft or loss. For warranties that do include limited theft coverage, there are typically many exclusions such as “mysterious disappearance” (unexplained loss). Warranties are often valid only at the jeweler from whom you purchased and usually can only be purchased at the time you acquire your jewelry or a limited time thereafter. Any claims made on the warranty are often capped by the purchase price paid, not the appraised value of the jewelry, and not all warranties ensure repair or replacement of “like kind and quality” to the item being repaired or replaced. Coverage through Lavalier is much broader than the average warranty and is personalized to your jewelry and your needs.

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