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Try Out One of These Fall 2020 Statement Jewelry Trends

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

Whether you are on endless zoom calls all day or venturing out, the upcoming sweater season always needs a bit of new bling. Luckily, the fall 2020 jewelry trends have the bold style you might be wanting. With cooler temps around the corner, you may be ready to make a statement with your accessories.

These trending and bold pieces will be popping up everywhere, and this could be your chance to lead the way. But no matter what, you will be seeing these top trends in stores soon.

  1. Tubular Jewelry — This thick rounded jewelry is definitely in and can be found in the form of necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. Grab a couple of tubular-style rings and stack them for a bolder look. You can even purchase tubular hoop earrings and go all in on this style.
  2. Large Gems — You won’t have to look far to find gigantic gemstones in all different shapes like round, pear and emerald cut. Wearing large dangle earrings that feature giant gems will have you right on trend this fall.
  3. Chunky chains — Heavy duty chains are not going away any time soon. Choose to make a statement with a chunky dangle earring or a large-linked bracelet or necklace. This trend has so many possibilities and layering potential so get creative!

Making a Statement

These pieces are the perfect accessory for dressing up a plain white tee or adding the right touch to your favorite LBD. There are so many fun reasons to go grab some bold jewelry this fall:

  • Great for showcasing your unique personality.
  • Statement pieces make a big first impression and shows off your style.
  • Bold accessories can highlight the features you like to bring attention to.

Just remember that these jewelry trends need to be part of your overall style plan and not just an afterthought to your outfit. Once you’re ready to jump into this upcoming season, consider picking your favorite 2020 trend and make your own fun fall statement.


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