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Getting Engaged During the Pandemic

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

getting engaged during the pandemic

If you’ve been planning the perfect proposal, popping the question in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic probably is not what you had in mind. Even though this time in quarantine or early phase one openings might seem unromantic and some couples have put their elaborate proposal plans on hold, many others have moved forward using this trying time as part of their story.

Why Wait?

While some couples would rather wait until the world feels a little more normal, others are ready to come out of quarantine and celebrate their engagement. There are many reasons some have chosen to not wait:

  • It can be nice to have good news to share with friends and family in an otherwise sad and scary time.
  • When life and finances feel uncertain, it might not seem like the right time for an engagement. However, getting engaged can symbolize that as a couple, you can make it through this and future difficult times together.
  • Providing a glimmer of hope with an engagement can be compared to saying that life is going to move on at some point.
  • This can be looked at like a new beginning during a time when many people feel as though things are ending.
  • Getting through a tough situation can solidify a relationship and show that you are ready for a life together.

Changing Your Proposal Plan

Quarantine and the shutdown might have spoiled elaborate proposal plans – for example, popping the question abroad is no longer a possibility for now. However, it has forced men and women to get more creative with their engagement ideas.

Keep in mind there is no reason you can’t still get down on one knee because a great proposal really comes down to making it personal. It may not be the show-stopping ask you were thinking of, but adding personal touches can end up being the engagement of her dreams. Plus, you will have an interesting proposal story that is just another part of your journey together.

Ring, Optional

If an engagement was in your near future, the ring might have already been purchased and hidden away. If not, you can still purchase one in areas that are re-opening or even consider buying one online from a reputable source. If that isn’t a good option at this point, improvising can actually turn out fun and memorable. Using a prop as a temporary ring (think ring pop candy) can be cute and romantic with the promise of ring shopping together soon for the perfect diamond.

No matter what you decide is best for your story together, love has prevailed and will continue to inspire people. If proposing during quarantine is part of your journey, know that even better times are just ahead.


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