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Emerald-Cut Diamonds and Their New Popularity

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

A New Diamond Trend: Emerald Cut

Like so many trends that celebrities start, the public is following along as emerald-cut diamond engagement rings enjoy a surge in popularity. The past five years have been all about the ovals, but now the brilliant emerald cut is shining at center stage.

Just like other trends that come and go, this art deco stone is making a huge comeback. They offer a unique look with subtle sophistication and account for only 3% of all the diamonds in the world.

A Brilliant Past

The emerald cut has been famous for a long time and has some serious celebrity roots. It originally garnered attention when Princess Grace Kelly said “I do” to a 10-carat emerald cut in 1956. Since then, the cut has come and gone in popularity but is on a hot streak again ever since Jennifer Lopez was spotted with her own emerald-cut engagement ring. It has been gaining traction on celeb fingers ever since.

These diamonds have a regal style and project an air of confidence. It is a perfect choice for the person who is looking for understated elegance.

Characteristics of the Cut

An emerald cut’s unique shape and angles capture its clarity, and the rectangular shape means it follows the length of the finger and not the width. There are many more unique traits to this cut:

  • It has 57 facets
  • Gives an effect like a hall of mirrors
  • May make fingers look slimmer due to the shape
  • Color is more noticeable and so are the imperfections so be choosy when picking your stone
  • May be a little more affordable
  • For a very clean appearance, look for a clarity grade of VS2 or higher
  • Displays clean, geometric lines

This elegant and classic cut is a great choice when you want more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that its rectangular shape means a 3-carat emerald cut will look larger than a 3-carat round cut. These and other traits are why this shape is having such a successful resurgence.

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