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Earrings and Ear Care

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Earrings and Ear Care

Whether you first had your ears pierced at age 7 or 70, you know that a cute pair of earrings can  up the ante on any outfit. Earrings can take skinny jeans and a button-down from day to night; just switch out those delicate pearl studs for dangly chandeliers. Your earrings can show your support for a local sports team, put your favorite animal on display, or add a little holiday flare to your outfits, from Halloween to Christmas.

But if you want to take advantage of all these opportunities for cuteness overload, you have to keep your ears healthy and your earrings clean. Lavalier breaks down the basics:

First, make sure you’re cleaning both the piercings and your earrings at least once a week. Tarnish and dead skin cells (gross!) can build up on your earrings even when they’re inside your ears, so take them out and soak the earrings and the backs in an appropriate cleaning solution. While they’re soaking, swab your pierced ears with a cotton ball doused in rubbing alcohol. This weekly routine doesn’t take long, but makes all the difference when it comes to ear health.

You should always remove your earrings during certain activities like working out. While you might think you should take off your most expensive jewelry when you’re in the shower or pool (and you probably should), it’s actually the sterling silver or nickel-plated earrings that you need to be especially careful with. These materials can tarnish more easily than the pricier metals like 24-karat gold, and water speeds up that process. Remove and clean your less expensive earrings more frequently, and don’t wear them while exercising or getting wet. Tarnished earrings can actually discolor your skin, so this is a definite no-no.

Speaking of showers, no one wants to lose their favorite pair to the drain, which is yet another good reason to put them in a safe place while you wash. You should also consider asking the jeweler to install a screw back on those pairs you want to keep extra safe (in addition to getting them insured, of course!). Instead of just pushing the metal backing on, screw backs actually screw onto the post, so your earrings stay snugly in your ears.

But what about when you take your earrings out on purpose? This might sound familiar: you took out your earrings one night and forgot to put them back in – a month ago. Now, you’re desperate to wear these adorable hoops with your new outfit, but you’re having trouble getting the posts through the holes. Put down the earrings, the needle, the nail, or whatever crude tool you were going to use to open those holes up, and back away slowly! Ear piercings should only be done by a professional. “But it’s only a little closed!” you might say. A little closed is the same as closed. If your earrings don’t easily enter and exit the holes, get them re-pierced.

Earrings can become like an addiction; there are so many fabulous pairs out there! When you take good care of your ears and earrings, pierced ears can be a great way to accessorize your clothes and show off your sense of style. If you don’t take good care of your ears and earrings, though, it can lead to swelling, pain, and even messy skin infections. At Lavalier, we’re focused on safety (we sell jewelry insurance, after all!), so protect your ears and your jewelry by taking good care of them.

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