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How to Choose the Right Promise Ring

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Once you’ve reached an important point in your relationship, giving your loved one a promise ring is a way to show your commitment and devotion. This is not a gift that should be given lightly, nor should it be chosen quickly. Take time to pick your perfect ring with love and care as it should be cherished for a long time.

promise ring

What Is a Promise Ring

Giving your significant other a ring means that you promise to love them always; it’s a symbol of your love. While it does not signify a proposal, it can be a first step toward a future wedding and your life together.

It may also be given when a relationship is too new for an engagement, but you are ready to commit to your partner in a serious way. Some couples use a promise ring as a symbol of strength during a time apart or when in a long-distance relationship. Whatever your reason for giving a promise ring, be sure to do some research before heading to your local jeweler.

Selecting the Right Ring

Picking out a ring can be overwhelming with so many options and styles to choose from. You may not know where to begin, so check out these tips.

  • Decide on which finger it will be worn (so you can choose the right size).
    • If you want an engagement to eventually replace it, then choose the left ring finger.
    • If you don’t want it to be replaced, pick a different finger like the right ring finger or even a middle or index finger.
    • Some women choose to wear it around their neck if they do not like rings. If this sounds like something your girlfriend might prefer, consider giving a chain with it.
  • Find out her ring size if you want the gift to be a surprise.
    • Use a ring sizer app for your phone. You can place a current ring on the screen to find the size.
    • Trace the inside of one of their rings on paper and take it to your jeweler so they can determine the right size.
    • Find a ring box in her jewelry collection and look to see if it is labeled with a size.
    • Ask your loved one’s close family or friends if they know the size.
  • Set a budget so you have a price in mind before you shop.
    • This will help you start the shopping process so you know the price you are looking for.
    • Promise rings are typically much less expensive than engagement rings so you can find a great option in any price range.
  • Choose a style.
    • Decide on a metal color based on the color usually worn. Check out jewelry at home for a clue as to preferences.
    • Consider if it should be a solid band or have one or more stones. These can be diamonds or any gemstone.
    • Think about fashion style. Should it be dainty or a larger statement piece?
    • Be sure that it doesn’t look like an engagement ring to prevent any unfortunate confusion!
  • Decide if you want a symbolic design like these examples.
    • A heart is a traditional symbol for a promise ring.
    • An eternity band is an on-trend choice currently.
    • The infinity symbol is common and signifies a love that will last forever.
    • Three-stone rings are great when symbolizing your past, present and future together.
    • An engraving can make the gift even more personal.

Making Your Decision

Be prepared to go to more than just one store and even look online for even more choices. Once you make your choice, consider picking a special day or holiday to surprise your partner. Whatever day you choose will be memorable for you both as you show your love and dedication in this special way. Once this piece – or even an engagement ring down the road – is on her finger, contact for all your jewelry insurance needs and to get your own personalized quote today.


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