Safe burned, but heirloom jewelry survived

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Allie, her husband, Matt – a fire fighter – and their two young children fled when California’s Thomas fire threatened their new home. They left with little more than an overnight bag and their son’s beloved teddy bear. They are starting from scratch to rebuild their home and their lives.

In the burned rubble of their home, Allie found their safe burned to a crisp, but inside the container survived the jewelry her late mother left to her when she died. Each piece came with a letter for a milestone in Allie’s life that her mother would miss. Among the treasures is her mother’s pearl necklace and letter she received on her wedding day.

Many of us have jewelry that is more than a beautiful accessory. We have keepsakes of life’s milestones, precious moments and the people dear to us.

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Hear the full story about this family’s experience on National Public Radio.


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