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A Guide to Buying Your Own Jewelry

Written by: Samantha Silverman | | Jewelry

Women now more than ever are building their own jewelry wardrobe and not waiting for someone to buy it for them. And why not?

Woman buying jewelry

Selecting your own jewelry piece can be a fun way to reward yourself for a job well done or maybe you simply feel like you deserve a treat or a little pick-me-up. No matter what the occasion, consider what you are looking for before starting your search. Your choice should consider three main criteria.

  1. Your budget
  2. Your lifestyle
  3. Your wardrobe

Before You Shop

Shopping around for just the right item to add to your collection should be a fun adventure, not an overwhelming experience. So before you head out to your local jeweler or start browsing online, check out these tips for a smooth transaction:

Do your research: Gather information on the different gems you like and their traits so you can go in prepared. For example, if you are considering a diamond purchase read up on the types and qualities of various diamonds so you aren’t overwhelmed when you walk in to your local jeweler.

Consider your own style: Are you modern, glam, minimalist, or bohemian? Make sure you choose a piece that matches your own aesthetic and your wardrobe.

Decide on a budget: This can be the easiest way to narrow the search. Look at your financial situation and what you want to buy. Don’t overspend, but be sure you are getting something you want to wear and that you are not settling.

Pick the Right Piece

There are so many jewelry options to choose from, how do you even know where to start or what is going to be the best choice for you? Ask yourself these questions to get you on the right track:

  1. What is your work wardrobe like?
    Are you conservative in suits and heels or do you dress like it’s casual Friday every day. Make sure you choose something you can wear often or almost daily.

  2. Do you get cocktails after work and spend weekends at the theater, or do you enjoy hanging out with friends and being active?
    You’ll be happier if your selection matches your lifestyle!

  3. Basic or Bombshell?
    If you don’t already have the basics for your jewelry wardrobe you may want to start with diamond studs or a simple chain with a bezel-set diamond. If you are ready for more of a statement piece, pick something that will “wow” on special occasions. Consider colored gemstones on a pendant necklace or a large gemstone ring if you attend a lot of special events.

Time to Protect

Now that you took the plunge to treat yourself, don’t stop there. You should consider jewelry insurance to protect your newest treasure. Visit for a personalized quote today so you can wear your jewelry proudly while also keeping it safe from damage, loss, or theft.


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