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Best Earrings to Wear with a Face Mask

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

With face masks being our newest accessory when we are on the go, we not only want to be safe when in public but also want to keep wearing our favorite jewelry accessories too. Here is the newest fashion dilemma: how to prevent losing or damaging earrings when we take our masks on and off.

So, what are the best earring choices to prevent damage or loss when it’s time to mask up and head out? 

Studs for the Win

Stud earrings are really having their moment right now as the new must-haves. These are the easiest and most secure for your ears if you don’t want to worry about anything getting tangled on a mask strap and potentially being pulled out of your ears.

If you have a favorite pair of diamond studs you may want to consider wearing them on repeat for now. Or go out and splurge on some new ear candy like a druzy style to add some sparkle to your day or evening.

Studs with a screw back are the most secure if you already have a pair in your jewelry wardrobe. If not, this could be a good excuse to finally snag a pair you’ve had your eye on. These are the best and most secure. They do take a little extra time to get on and off but the trade-off of peace of mind can be worth it.

Another worthwhile choice would be an infinite hoop as it is an endless circle and therefore more secure than other oversized earring choices.

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

You may want to consider saving your big hoops and dangle earrings for those endless zoom meetings and virtual events where no mask is required. If you do want to wear oversized earrings when you are out and about try to do so only when you won’t be taking your mask off and on. This way you can get them perfectly situated before you leave the house and they can stay put for the rest of the day without the threat of getting caught on a strap and damaged or even completely lost.

Be especially cautious of really oversized hoops without a secure closure or threader style earrings with no back. The worst feeling is heading to your jewelry box after a day at work or on the run and realizing you lost a precious piece of jewelry when pulling your mask on and off.

With just a little bit of planning about how you accessorize these days, you can stay fashionable while staying healthy. And don’t forget the most important part of keeping your jewelry safe, personalized jewelry insurance. Contact Lavalier for your free quote today.


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