5 Times You Should Remove Your Wedding Ring

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Jewelry

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Once you’re married, it seems almost blasphemous to take your wedding ring off – after all, it reminds you (and the whole world) of the love you share with your spouse! But there are some tasks that are best done sans ring. Certain chemicals can harm your jewelry, and even though it’s hard to set them aside for a while, taking off your wedding and engagement rings while doing these five activities will keep them sparkling for years to come.

1.   Doing Home Renovations

In general, take your ring off when working on home repair projects. Even if you’re doing something as simple as spray-painting a chair, it can be a real pain to try to get flecks of paint out of every crevice of your ring. Plus, in many cases you’ll have to use even harsher chemicals to get rid of the paint. Whether you’re diving deep into a garbage disposal or sawing into some drywall, take off your wedding ring and put it in a safe place, especially if you’re using power tools. Heavy machinery and delicate jewelry do not mix.

2.   Swimming in the Pool

If your ring is gold (white or yellow), steer clear of wearing it while swimming in chlorinated water. While pure gold isn’t affected by chlorine, gold jewelry contains metal alloys which can react with the chlorine and disintegrate over time. If you’re already poolside, though, keep your ring on. One little dip in the pool won’t cause immediate damage, and if you take it off and set it by your lounge chair, it’s much more likely to get lost or stolen. In general, though, leave that pretty ring at home or in your locker!

 3.   Cleaning the House

Those same chemicals that kill invisible bacteria and germs on your countertops and toilet can also damage your jewelry. Many cleaning products are designed to be abrasive, and they don’t discriminate; what scrapes off the dirt and scum from your shower could also be scraping the luster from your wedding ring. You should wear gloves to protect your hands from these chemicals, but remove your ring as well. Sharp edges on jewelry can poke holes in latex gloves, which defeats the purpose. Lots of cleaning products have bleach, which will oxidize your luxury jewelry.

4.   Working Out

If you’re strolling on the treadmill or powering through a spin class, you don’t have to remove your ring. However, if you’re getting your pump on with some free weights, take your ring off. Your skin can get pinched between the ring and the weights, and your ring can get scratched or scuffed up. Many dumbbells have knurled textured handles, which are great for your grip but not good for your wedding ring. Plus, the gym is rife with heavy objects that can chip a stone. Play it safe and leave the ring at home.

5.   Cooking

You’re probably not going to damage your jewelry if you wear it while you’re cooking, but from a sanitation standpoint, you should remove your ring if you’ll be handling raw meat. It’s less important if you have a simple band, but add in prongs or pavé diamonds and there are plenty of nooks and crannies for germs and bacteria to hide in. Pick a special spot (away from the kitchen sink!) to store your ring when you take it off, and get in the habit of leaving it there.

There’s no way to guarantee that no harm will ever come to your ring (aside from locking it away in an impenetrable bank vault, which is no fun), but taking your ring off while doing these chores can certainly help mitigate the risk. And at Lavalier, we can guarantee that we’ll provide you with fantastic jewelry insurance coverage in case your ring does get lost, damaged, stolen, or chipped. Get a quote online in less than a minute!

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