5 Common Reasons for Engagement Ring Insurance Claims

Written by: Sue Fritz | | Insuring Your Jewelry

Lost engagement ring in sand

You love your ring. More importantly, you love the person who gave it to you. You read stories on the Internet of people who have lost or misplaced their engagement rings and think, “That could never be me!” Well, even if you don’t lose your ring in a bag of goldfish crackers or while changing a cockatoo’s diaper, the reality is that people lose their rings in less exotic ways all the time. Here are a few of the most common stories we hear when people file an engagement ring insurance claim.

“I don’t know where it went!”

Remember how when you lost something as a kid, your mom would tell you to retrace your steps and think about the last place you had it? Sometimes, that just doesn’t work. This is called “mysterious disappearance,” and is one of the most frequent reasons cited when an engagement ring is lost. Luckily, engagement ring insurance purchased through Lavalier covers mysterious disappearance, so if you look down one day and it’s just vanished into thin air, we have you taken care of.

“It fell down the drain!”

The toilet, the shower, even the garbage disposal – we’ve heard it all. Many people take their rings off when cooking, and they can easily fall into the sink, only to be discovered when you turn on the garbage disposal and hear that heart-wrenching grinding sound. Sometimes rings fall off as you’re washing your hands, or they slip off in the shower – and head straight down the drain. Soap isn’t great for jewelry, but a trip down the drain is worse!

“I lost it at the pool/beach!”

Going for a swim creates the perfect storm for losing jewelry. You may take it off to apply sunscreen or lotion, only to have it disappear into the sand when you shake out your towel. And all that lotion mixed with water can lead to slippery situations, especially if your ring is already a bit loose. Wearing your ring while swimming is also risky, as fingers shrink when wet or cold.  Losing your engagement ring would certainly put a damper on your beach day!

“I bumped into something and the stone chipped!”

We all have our clumsy moments, but usually the worst that happens is a skinned knee (and maybe bruised pride, if your significant other catches you being klutzy). Sometimes, though, you drop your ring, or hit it against something in just the wrong way, and the impact is enough to chip the stone in your engagement ring. Yes, even diamond – one of the hardest materials on earth – can chip. It’s impossible to prepare for this kind of accident unless you walk around with a pillow strapped to your ring, so engagement ring insurance certainly comes in handy here.

“I lost it on vacation!”

When you go on vacation, your schedule is totally thrown off. You’re in a different environment, and when you take your ring off, you’re likely setting it down in an unfamiliar place – one that you may not remember later. Whether you’re working out at the hotel gym or sunning yourself poolside, there are plenty of times when you may set your ring down and forget about it, only to panic later. Hopefully, you (or a good Samaritan) can find it, but if not, you’ll be glad you bought that engagement ring insurance.

Losing your engagement ring is traumatic, regardless of how it happens. With Lavalier on your side, you can feel confident that if the worst does happen, we’ll be there to take care of you.

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