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Tips for Planning Your 2021 Summer Wedding

Written by: Melissa Becker | | Worry Free Weddings

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The pandemic has changed life as we know it. Weddings specifically have been greatly impacted as COVID-19 rules and restrictions are changing the face of wedding culture. Whether your 2021 summer wedding is your first attempt at your nuptials or your 5th shot at holding your dream ceremony, a few tips just might help you pull it off. Making it through this journey will require preparedness, following the news, and maintaining an open conversation with your vendors and guests.

Remember that it’s okay to feel all of the emotions that are constantly coming at you. Just keep your eye on the prize (your wonderful wedding day), know that your day WILL happen, and that it will be all you hoped it would be.

Careful Considerations

Everyone is feeling excited and hopeful right now to get on the other side of this pandemic, but just remember that there are a few things to consider on your road to the perfect wedding:

  • Check your local guidelines
    Watch the news and government recommendations. Plan for both hopeful and cautious scenarios until the worst is truly behind us.
  • Create multiple guest lists
    Have three different guest lists so you can easily jump to whichever direction is required at the time.
  • Save that date
    If your date is for 2022, lock it in as quickly as possible. This will be an exceptionally busy year after all of the postponements. This is going to create challenges for venues and vendor availability.
  • Planning for a destination
    This is especially challenging with travel international being difficult to predict. Research your potential location’s handling of the pandemic so far to give you an idea of their future restrictions. Are they the type of country to shut down to tourists with no notice? Some brides-to-be are only booking within the U.S., Mexico, or the Caribbean if their date is in 2021. It might be wise to not book a destination wedding in Europe until 2022.
  • Find some help
    Professional guidance is more important than ever right now. Consider hiring a planner to help you navigate this journey.

Top Takeaways

No matter what your special day holds for you – whether you want 50 guests or 500 – there are a few tried and true lessons that have been learned over the past year and by countless brides and grooms:

  • Be flexible
  • Consider a smaller guest list just in case
  • Budget for extra items if needed (masks, sanitizer, etc.)
  • Don’t wait to book a date

After living through a year of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: your day is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. Your picture-perfect day is going to happen and will be all you dreamed it would be!


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