Jewelry Gift Guide For Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Your mom – she gave you the greatest gift of all (life!), and it’s going to be pretty hard to top that. But never underestimate the value of a beautiful bauble, particularly when it represents your love for your mother. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and Lavalier’s jewelry gift guide will help you pick out the perfect present for the woman who’s always been there for you.

Stick with the classics

You want your Mother’s Day gift to be something she can wear all year. Ideally, you’re going for one of those classic jewelry staples that she never wants to take off. Unless you’re a child or teenager, stay away from charm bracelets; no matter how expensive they are, they still have a ‘young’ vibe to them. Moms wear many hats, so look for something that can go from working at the office to dining at a restaurant to just lounging around at home.

Make it special

Jewelry gift guides are great (see our guide to jewelry for your girlfriend!), but remember that it’s only a guide. If your mother loves chunky statement pieces and you see something that would be perfect for her, go for it, even if it’s not your typical ‘classic’ item. Does she absolutely adore a certain flower or animal? We would normally tell you to stay away from frog earrings or cutesy cupcake pendants, but if you know she’d love it, wrap that baby up! Just make sure you attach the gift receipt.

Look for subtle symbolism

The ‘mom necklace’ is totally overdone. Instead of giving her a necklace advertising that yes, she is a mother, go the more subtle route. Jewelry that incorporates birthstones is a less obvious way of showcasing her momhood (and will remind her of your birthday!). These necklaces used to be everywhere, but you can update the look with a new style – we like these birds with matching birthstones.

Now that we’ve given you a few guidelines to follow, check out some of our top picks for Mother’s Day jewelry. For bonus points, bring her your gift on a tray – with breakfast in bed, of course!

women's high

Sapphire Watch by Movado, $2,495

Unlike today’s youth, your mother may prefer wearing her timepiece on her wrist rather than pulling out a cell phone. This watch by Movado is the definition of understated elegance. The gold-plated stainless steel case enhances any outfit, casual or formal, and the eleven diamond markers add more than a little class. With Swiss quartz movement and edge-to-edge sapphire crystal, this is a gift your mother will treasure for years.

wife low

Cable Gray Pearl Pendant Necklace by David Yurman, $495

Your mom deserves something special, but you don’t want to go too far off the deep end. (You may be setting the bar too high for Father’s Day, which is less than two months away!) A word to the wise: statement jewelry rarely makes a good gift, unless you’re 100% sure about the kind of statement she wants to make. Instead, go with simple classics, like this pearl pendant on a box chain. The cultured gray pearl is naturally hued, and has a bit more visual interest than your classic white pearl. It’s a modern take on an old favorite.

africa earrings

‘Africa Gold’ Nugget Earrings by Marco Bicego, $660

These handmade Italian earrings add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Each is individually engraved using the Bulino technique, giving them a unique texture that takes these earrings beyond your basic gold studs. With a 3/8” diameter, they are slightly larger than most average balls, but not so big that they’ll overwhelm your mom’s look. Instead, they draw attention to her pretty face!


Family/Mother’s Necklace by Jared, starting at $174.99

Remember how we mentioned subtle symbolism? This necklace incorporates the birthstones of family members, so Mom always has a representation of each of her children to wear close to her heart. The infinity symbol is trendy yet timeless, and you can choose sterling silver, or 10k or 14k white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. One recommendation: if you have more than five birthstones, it can start to look cluttered, so you may want to go with a different design.


Delicate Tulip Bracelet by Oscar de la Renta, $350

Oscar de la Renta is a name every woman is familiar with, especially if she’s ever watched celebrities file down the red carpet. Treat your mom like the star that she is with her own gorgeous bauble. This bracelet encircles her wrist with a graphic representation of the graceful tulip, which represents royalty, love, and – in this yellow gold color – cheerful thoughts and happiness. Doesn’t your mom deserve a daily dose of sunshine?

No matter what you give your mom this Mother’s Day, she’s sure to love you unconditionally. After all, that’s what mothers do! And don’t forget your mother-in-law; there’s no better way to win her over than a thoughtful, gorgeous gift of jewelry. You just might become the favorite!

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