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Anyone who has ever helped plan a wedding (or just watched TLC) knows that the bride wants to look like a million bucks on her special day. Of course, most of us don’t actually have a million bucks to spend, especially on an outfit that we’ll only wear once. Enter Happily Ever Borrowed, the jewelry rental company that gives you your ‘something borrowed’ so you can shine on your wedding day.  Lavalier spoke with owner and founder Brittany Haas to get the lowdown on how it works.


Lavalier: Hi Brittany! We’re so excited to share this awesome service with our readers. So, first things first. What is Happily Ever Borrowed?

BH: Happily Ever Borrowed is the premier, luxury e-boutique that rents bridal accessories to brides for their wedding day. From jewelry and tiaras to sashes and veils, we have every accessory you need for your special day.

Lavalier: So what made you want to start the company?

BH: I have three older sisters, and as they were planning their weddings, we were shocked at how expensive bridal gowns and accessories are. I mean, I’d consider spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on classic items you’ll wear again and again, but not for something you’ll only wear for six to eight hours!

Lavalier: Absolutely! Have you seen the fashion trends change since you started Happily Ever Borrowed?

BH: Definitely. When I began the company three years ago, I thought sashes and veils would be the number one rented item, but I was surprised to find that cuffs and earrings, like the Isabella Cuff and Diana Earrings, are more popular. Lately, brides have been moving towards simple dresses accessorized with statement jewelry – big necklaces, big cuffs, big earrings – so we’re really excited to be able to provide them with a statement piece at a fraction of the cost.

Lavalier: Who are your favorite designers?

BH: Unlike other clothing or jewelry rental websites, Happily Ever Borrowed is totally focused on bridal fashion. We work directly with the jewelry designers to come up with items that brides will be excited about! Lately, I’ve been loving the new Israeli designers, like Berta of Berta Bridal, Inbal Dror, and Galia Lahav. My all-time favorite designer is definitely Hayley Paige.

Lavalier: Tell us a little bit more about how the whole jewelry rental process works. How much does it cost?

BH: We rent to everyone across the US, and are willing to make exceptions for brides abroad. Basically, brides can browse the Happily Ever Borrowed website and look for accessories that catch your eye. Each item rents for about 20% of the retail price, so our average rental only costs $30-$100. We’ll mail you the item, and it’s yours for either four or eight days. Then, you send it back to us so we can lend it out to another bride!

Lavalier: What happens if it gets lost in the mail? Or what if (God forbid) someone spills something on it, or a diamond falls out, or it gets snagged on something?

BH: Accidents happen, and you have enough to worry about on your wedding day. Insurance for each item is only $5, and that includes pretty much everything, unless it comes back completely destroyed or irreparably damaged. We also get jewelry insurance when the items are in the mail. And since we give our brides a return label, we can easily track our packages. USPS makes mistakes sometimes, but it’s obviously not our brides’ fault.

Lavalier: What if someone rents jewelry, but doesn’t like it?

BH: We offer the ‘Send Before You Spend’ box, so you can pick three different accessories for only $50. Take them with you when you try on wedding gowns. We want you to fall in love with your jewelry! This is a great way to see what works and to get everyone’s opinion before the big day. Plus, when you send back your items, you’ll get $25 off whatever you choose to rent.

Lavalier: Any advice for the bride-to-be?

BH: Just relax and enjoy the day. After all that planning, it’s only six to eight hours. Whatever happens during that time, focus on having fun and creating your own happily ever after!

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